Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A virtue that I seek, humility.
It strives in each man’s heart,
yet, with dilemma and uncertainty –
such kindness’ missing part.

Holiness, a rare find – humility.
One may often forget,
or choose to neglect his humanity.
Still, in the end – regrets.

Great challenge for the soul, humility.
Once found, lost evermore.
A fool as I, boast for this sanctity,
for my heart remains sore.

Desiring for humility in me.
Alas, to seal my lips,
or hush one’s arrogance, I fail to see,
as I long for this piece.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ December 29, 2011

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    Sonnet 028

    What would I do without you my darling?
    To write a tale about you, I could do.
    As I dream about your smile, so charming.
    Or think about your face against my blue.
    What can’t I do without you in this world?
    Much love to share and many more to gain,
    delightful kisses, embraces to hold.
    Still, without you – an odd hollow, my pain.
    Imagining this place without your love,
    as I enjoy my life with another.
    Tonelessly laughing while I gaze above,
    aching for someone dear as no other.
    The earth may live and with life, I can toy
    I shall seek for you to complete my joy.

    (c) Phoenix Montoya @ December 1, 2011

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