Thursday, August 19, 2010

White Lies

She asked about her voice.
'Is it cool? Is it fine?'
She sings nice, but not so good.
Still, you give a nod.

Small little lies,
Just to boost her up.
Small little kindness,
not a harm done.

They groan about their house.
‘It’s not a pretty sight!’
Thus, true and you sympathize,
So you say, ‘It’s nice!’

Small little lies,
to make them happy.
Small little kindness,
smart things to say.

He asked about his girl,
Will she come back again?
You know she found another,
yet you say later.

Small little lies,
Just to make him glad.
Small little kindness,
not to feel bad.

Lies, lies, lies and more lies.
White or dark, all the same.
You think it’s a good thing,
soon they’ll feel the pain.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 8/11/10

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I Am Yours

Sweet nothings from you,

murmurs of love.

My heart swells with pride.

I am yours.

Beautiful presents,

gifts I desire.

A love pampering.

I am yours.

Yours forever my sweet,

my soul,

my love.

Yours alone to keep.

Sudden savage lies,

distressing words,

cutting me so deep.

I am yours.

Your cruel gaze,

pain stabbing stare.

How these break me down.

I am yours.

Still yours forever more,

my heart,

my faith.

Yours alone my dear.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 8/19/10

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice Queen

I guess this poem was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen'. I have always wanted to imagine, how is it feel to have a cold heart. No.. not speaking of the Snow Queen actually, but of Kay- the little boy who was rescued by his friend Gerda. At the end of the story Gerda- the heroine of the story cried over Kay. These tears of hers melted his heart of ice.

My poem the 'Ice Queen' is describing about an ill fate of a girl. I had compared her to the 'Snow Queen', yet as her, being a human. Like any other arrogant lover, after being neglected, she swore never to love again.

I often meet women with sad stories. Always being left behind with a child. She loves another guy then after having a child with him, he would eventually go on his way. She ends up with another one... on and on. It's really heartbreaking and I would wonder back then, 'If you are not so lucky to have a successful relation? Why even bother to go on meeting lovers?'

Putting myself on their shoes, I think, I will find enough love with my kids. But, they say its a different thing. So, here is my judgment.

Ironically, to endure the devastation, 'love' is still the answer. It's like to survive the poisonous bite of a Cobra, you need an anti-venom and an anti-venom is also extracted from a poisonous snake. Like treating a poison with a poison. Same as when infected by a microorganism. You need an antibiotic. And an antibiotic also comes out from the strains of a microorganism.

Life is so ironic... All the time. I hope you enjoy my poem- the Ice Queen.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White Lies

With lies you may get ahead in the world - but you can never go back.

~Russian proverb~

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Coming Home

Nasty weather, cold and damp,

some life inconveniences.
Still your image keeps me warm.

Soon, I will have your embrace.

Gloomy thoughts and misfortunes.

My sorrow, my heartaches.

How your vision changes these.

In my arms, you will linger.

Ugly trials of this world,

Come thunder, come storm or hail!

For the promise of your hug,
never shall I be conquered.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 8/8/10

This one's for my daredevil!

Friday, August 6, 2010

No Worries

Ice cream every Sunday.... Always love the thought of it. I would bribe my kids just to get them eager to go to church. Warm kisses each night... The memory will always bring me smile, even in my loneliest moments. Quite a dramatic person am I, but who isn't? God has always been good to me. He gave me a wonderful husband who understands me and gives me space just to collect myself. He gave me three beautiful and very sweet children. We may be living an ordinary life yet we get through everyday. What is there to ask?

To tell you the truth I may see my life as perfect, then again there is always fear in my heart. Not for myself though, but for my loved ones. How I wish I can always be there for them. My poems as I try to give inspiration to others are also my way of comfort.

God is always here and He is also in the future. So No Worries my friend!

Starting Fresh

I have seen your face,

a really pleasant one.

Still my reluctance.

Have you done something wrong?

I have heard you laugh,

and it touched my senses.

Yet again my doubt,

to feel sudden coldness.

Who are you my friend?

Have I met you before?

You offered me aid,

then you let me fall hard.

But that was a blur,

I can never recall.

Walk for the future,

Come join me, take my hand.

Never mind the past,

yesterday is long gone.

Today is a good start,

to know a friend once more.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 8/1/10

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Modern Amazons

Not anymore as man’s adversary,

but an alliance.

She who knows her own way,

and she who understands her man.

A woman of her own voice,

she is heard and respected.

Her decisions, all her own.

Good or nasty, her own act.

Confident to stand alone,

knowledge had made her wiser.

Devoted for her loved ones,

a warrior dwells within her.

She’s almost perfect for the modern world.

A new amazon,

independent of men.

Yet her heart, always a woman.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 8/1/10

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