Thursday, May 1, 2014

To Heed an Angel’s Call

Silent whimpers in the night,
you choose to be out of sight.
You long to speak out you cries,
as your spirit slowly dies.

I have sensed your agony,
tasted your tears of honey.
Alas, I have closed my eyes,
as I suffer my own lies.

My fragile angel in need,
you are in torment indeed.
To touch you is to reach me,
a plunge to a stormy sea.

How I ache to answer you,
to get you out of your blue.
Hence, to mend your broken wings,
a sorrow for such weakling.

My dearest little angel –
you, I refuse to handle.
It is clear and plain to see,
to save you is to save me.

A whisper from within.
© Phoenix Montoya @ May 26, 2012

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