Saturday, September 25, 2010


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You lay sleeping, my Elisha.

How your serenity touches me.

Mine for all eternity-

your heart, your body.

Made for each other my dear.

My lips for your kiss,

your face for my eyes.

Forever, my Elisha.

You had been blinded to see,

to refuse my love.

My utmost remorse,

but to strike your heart… a must!

Rest now my Elisha, my love.

We shall live together, forever.

Your cold body in my couch,

your heart… in my jar.

A poem inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Tell Tale Heart’.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ September 26,2010

Light Bearer

A story sent to me by a college friend via e mail, inspired me to write my poem ‘Light Bearer’.
The story was about a high school student who decided to remove his books from his locker. He was going to quit school permanently. He looked very sad, that a classmate of his went up to him and said ‘hi’.

They became friends since that day.

A year later while celebrating the day of their friendship, the boy admitted to his classmate that he was on a tremendous pressure that day. He thought he, couldn’t handle his life anymore. He was going to kill himself, fortunately his plans changed because ‘someone’ actually talked to him.

Amazing! I was deeply touched by the revelation, imagining WHAT IF?

So, here it is my poem ‘Light Bearer’- a reminder that we can all be saints even in our own smallest ways.

Conquering Fear

I usually encourage myself that the future is not something to fear. Whatever happens – good or bad, life goes on. We tend to heal and we forget. Soon bad experiences are apt to become mere memories. Like paintings, they fade until we can only think of them as dreams.

How many times have you been humiliated – saying or doing the wrong things that made the room roar with laughter?

How many times have you got turned down while hearing some unpleasant remarks about yourself?

The feeling could have been resentful and degrading. Fortunately, we move on forward. We learn from our mistakes and we get better. Then, we realize that our errors in the past are indeed some things to laugh about.

My ‘Conquering Fear’, just hoping to inspire you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Friends

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

~G. Randolf~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Good Byes

To say goodbye knowing you will see each other again soon is OK, but not to see them again forever?

I wrote this poem, 'No Goodbyes' for my Stumble Upon friends. Of all the sites I found in the net, SU has become my favorite and still is. Not only I discovered creativity here, I also found interesting people and dear friends I can say hello to and exchange pages every day. I have grown attached to the site that I realized stumbling has become a vice of mine – which was bad.

Six months ago, I decided to quit the internet. I thought of concentrating on my novel again.

I was an aspiring romance novelist. I’ve written ten novels actually but still no luck.

That time was the right moment to start with my novel again. Unfortunately, for some reason, I can’t seem to get myself into writing. Instead, I started having ideas about articles for the internet.

To make everything short, I postponed my plans of becoming a romance novelist to finish my on-line articles first. I gave myself a dead line though. Next year, after a hundred medical articles, if I would want to publish that soft bound pocketbook, with my name on it, I’ll have to take a break with my on-line writings.

Then again, we do not know what’s in the future. We can always have plans of our own but sometimes it doesn’t work the way we want it to be. Let’s just hope for the best.

So, here it is, my ‘No Goodbyes’, written from the very depths of my heart.


I wanted a 'pyramid structure' but ended up with a triangle :P Anyway, the video with this link was an inspiration. The following are my favorite lines of the song...

'Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top (at the top baby), like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid'

My poem 'Pyramid' has a different message though.

Tell Him

Attractive roses,

mere things yet the thoughts.

Slowly he descends,

embracing your heart.

Speechless at his gaze.

Your face, he adores.

A pang of remorse,

as pleasure consumes.

Never can you have,

a love that is pure.

Never can you look,

at a lover’s soul.

Such sincerity,

pity to let go.

He deserves the best,

the love of his own.

Alas go on tell,

before he falls more.

Your devoted heart,

not free anymore!

Copyright *Phoenix Montoya @ September 18, 2010

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Behind the shadows, he lurks,

his right hand carries a sword,

the other, a heavy shield.

In his heart, there is courage.

The creature lays in deep sleep.

In a dark cavern, it hides.

Abomination to men,

seems peaceful but a menace.

Brave Jeremy, noble prince,

tired, still his price he seeks

How he had left his tower,

to rescue a young brother.

Alas no brother he sees!

No one besides the beast.

Anguish enrages the lad.

Has it eaten his kin at last?

He moves in ready to strike.

Gloom and anger devours him.

The mighty beast awakens.

It roars, spits a ball of fire.

He shields himself by instinct.

More fiery balls hit him.

A feline’s move, his talent.

Alas, still a frail young prince!

He loses all his weapons,

but boldly he stands his ground.

The dragon looms over him.

No other way, he could win!

Jeremy stares at death’s face.

Unnerve, he raises his fists.

As he waits for its fury,

a girl snatches his glory!

Alecsandra, little Miss,

a daring sister princess.

How she misses her brothers,

and left her loving father.

She carries two shields and swords,

taken from her father’s abode.

Jeremy grabs for the weapons,

and together they rise up.

The princess covers the back,

the boy runs for the stomach.

With these two sibling attacks,

the great dragon takes a gnash!

Copyright *Phoenix Montoya @ September 18, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your Angel

Guide and protector of the lost,

she is patient and kind.

Your true friend till the end.

She who whispers the noble acts,

and sobs at your mischief.

An angel of pure love.

She keeps you secure from your foes.

With her comforting wings,

you are safe beyond reach.

Alas, white wings turn into black,

as enemies get close.

Ready to fight for you.

She is willing to be cast out,

to fill her hands with filth.

And live her life with lies.

An angel of light turning dark,

damned for her broken pact.

Your friend without a flaw.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @September 2, 2010

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Coming Home

Pleasant Walk

Peaceful night with the stars above,

the evening is lively and young,

as we walk home,

hands clasp as one.

The world has changed before us.

New places to discover,

foreign faces around us.

Indeed time has made its course

There are lingering changes,

as maturity unveils.

Our time together, lost,

as unending tasks take place.

Lovely evening grows dark and cold.

Slowly, twinkling stars disappear.

You hold me close.

So soon, it ends.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @September 2, 2010

Rebirth of a Phoenix

Born for the new day... from the ashes it rises...

I was always interested in the mystical bird - the phoenix. It's destiny to die and its capacity to live again. Ofcourse, the bird is only a myth.

Most of my comments regarding my poem Rebirth of a Phoenix focused on my imagination about the bird. However, while writing this one, I was thinking about another one of man's nature- his another option of coping with life struggles.

Not all people are strong in handling problems of their own. We may hear some of them take their own lives or get mad. Awful, decisions. I believe we make our own choices. Its just a matter of thinking about the people we love and those who care for us.

In my poem, the 'phoenix' is a symbol of a new beginning. Its about letting go of the nasty past, forgetting one's mistakes and going forward again - to live again.

My Rebirth of a Phoenix.... Read on my friend.