Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beautiful May

In my place, the month of May is known as the 'month of flowers'. When I was a kid, we usually offer flowers to Santa Elena, then we go up to our town's version of kalbaryo to hear the mass in honor of her.

However, my poem Beautiful May does not say much about her. It tells about fruits, beaches and about fiestas - all things dear to my heart. Santa Elena is a great thing though, I just forgot to mention about her, same reason I tend to forget May 3 as another family tradition in recognition of her. Now, that's really bad of me.

Anyway, the month of May also holds birthdays of my beloved - four of them. And of course, a birthday of a best friend.

Now, some questions. Do you have a best friend? If you do, who? Is he or she a sister, a brother, a cousin, a parent or a sweetheart? Another thing, who can be that person with whom  you can rely next to God?

My poem Beautiful May, never shall I forget the 24th of the month.

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 ‘A blade horror.’

This poem is a naughty write. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, for a contest at Hellopoetry, my poem Pendulum is a frightening fate which ended in a merciful way.

Like I said, ‘a naughty write’ because the thought of letting someone suffer or die is an evil act for me, even for the sake of creative writing.

Waiting for your Kiss - Uncut

You said, you come today,
and I have waited.
Looked out for you all day,
by the door, I’ve stood.

Hence, a broken promise.
as the sun sets down,
As sparkling eve appears,
I remain unknown.

No calls, nothing to hear,
Not a mere excuse.
Yet in my heart, no fear,
I wait for your kiss.

Searching for you, my child,
Longing for your love.
As I thirst for your trust,
I seek for your heart.

Tomorrow – a bad day.
With dark, teary skies,
Maybe soon, you will stray,
in my home you’ll stay.

Searching for you my child,
needing your pure trust.
Always giving you love,
waiting for your kiss.

Looking out for my stray.
And if in my place,
Still, you could not stay.
For more, I will wait.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 21, 2011

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Every novelist, even an ex-wannabe novelist like me has a first love. For me it was Derek, a Moerian warrior king, protector of the weak and a charming lover. Unfortunately, he wasn’t for me. Derek was for my heroine creation, princess Alecsandra of Moeris.

My poem Derek, with my own definition of a perfect male, a character developed in my debut adventure-romantic novel ‘Moeris’. There had been others of course, romantic male characters – names like Henry, Vincent, Russell, Leonard, Gabriel, Maximilian etc.

But, first love never dies.

My poem Derek, enjoy.


Even for the tough of the toughest, escape is beneficial. It seems cowardice but for the sake of survival, it is sometimes being wise. What can be more important than keeping one self intact? 

My poem, Breathe as breathing is an essential for the living.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Risking It All

Typically, most males do not bring umbrellas. When it rains, they just walk or run for it. Back in my college years, not so long ago, my friend Mai and I regard ourselves as men for we were lazy to take umbrellas for school, except for typhoon seasons. 

But no… We do not walk or run through the rain. My friend and I ran before a rain hits, as a game.

‘Lets chance it!’ we would say, then me and my friend would just go for it - laughing and not minding if we get wet in our white uniforms or end up sick in bed the next day.

My poem Risking It All. May the rain be the least of our troubles.


Having friends from across the globe, I have imagined the feel to look at the sky on their side of the world. But, most likely it’s just the same, only with the dissimilar air or breeze and with the different perspective. 

Do we wish upon the same star?
Do we look at the same sky?
Do we marvel the same beauty above us?

Probably yes, because regardless of where we are, we are all human beings who hope for all the best things in life. My poem Stargazers, enjoy!