Sunday, April 24, 2011

Your Angel

When I was a kid, I have understood angels as protectors and friends of small children. I've read in story books that an angel weeps whenever a child assigned to him commits a naughty act.

Angels from heaven are known for their good deeds, but as a true friend, we may wonder if there is such an angel who can also do bad things for a friend?

My poem Your Angel was inspired by a dark angel of mine.

Sonnet 074

My pain, my sarcasm.
Once my life was perfect,
now it’s a complete wreck.

'Letting go is always the hardest'. Especially, with people whom we dearly love. My poem Sonnet 074 was written in memory of my parents who both died in the year 2009. The number 74 signifies the year of their wedding day. 

Loving them always and remembering their teachings regarding life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waiting for Your Kiss

The title is not what it seems. But here's my point, do you consider yourself as a child who only comes home to your Father when you need Him - when bruised and hurt? And then, when everything becomes clear, you set off and leave Him. 

I think, I am still that child.

My poem Waiting for Your Kiss. As I consider 'kiss' for affection and love.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hear the children’s laughter,
it is all the same.
High pitched and infectious,
a dear for the ears.

Black, white, brown or yellow,
they have the same smile.
Well nourished or starving,
they have one desire.

Some good fortune for kids,
having a true home,
with someone to hold them.
Someone to kiss them.

But an ill fate for those,
having such a house,
and not a home to go.
No one to embrace.

Yet… still blessed beings,
seeing no evil,
hearing only good things.
Uncorrupted minds.

Let children, be children.
Make them see beauty.
Show them the precise way,
let love be their light!

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ June 13, 2010
'A delicate matter'.

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'Kids are the greatest. Love them with all your might.'

Trusting Your Heart

True love is not something that comes everyday, follow your heart, it knows the right answer.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools


April first beware,
here comes the trickster.
He’s a real foe.
He’ll make you a fool.

He laughs and dances,
with his victims’ cries.
He deeply enjoys,
their pitiful howls.

With him, his crowd laughs,
some joker he is.
He toys with his friends.
His pranks never ends.

He’s a great trickster,
the king of laughter.
With his heart-break tool,
who’s the real fool?

by Maylen Abad @ March 31, 2010