Saturday, September 18, 2010


Behind the shadows, he lurks,

his right hand carries a sword,

the other, a heavy shield.

In his heart, there is courage.

The creature lays in deep sleep.

In a dark cavern, it hides.

Abomination to men,

seems peaceful but a menace.

Brave Jeremy, noble prince,

tired, still his price he seeks

How he had left his tower,

to rescue a young brother.

Alas no brother he sees!

No one besides the beast.

Anguish enrages the lad.

Has it eaten his kin at last?

He moves in ready to strike.

Gloom and anger devours him.

The mighty beast awakens.

It roars, spits a ball of fire.

He shields himself by instinct.

More fiery balls hit him.

A feline’s move, his talent.

Alas, still a frail young prince!

He loses all his weapons,

but boldly he stands his ground.

The dragon looms over him.

No other way, he could win!

Jeremy stares at death’s face.

Unnerve, he raises his fists.

As he waits for its fury,

a girl snatches his glory!

Alecsandra, little Miss,

a daring sister princess.

How she misses her brothers,

and left her loving father.

She carries two shields and swords,

taken from her father’s abode.

Jeremy grabs for the weapons,

and together they rise up.

The princess covers the back,

the boy runs for the stomach.

With these two sibling attacks,

the great dragon takes a gnash!

Copyright *Phoenix Montoya @ September 18, 2010