Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Like Dreaming

Dreams are God’s gift.
Enjoy their beauty and fantasy.
They have no fee.

~MMV Abad~

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sonnet 074

A hymn inside my head, your voice so dear,
you haunt me in my sleep and in my wake.
Somewhere deep within, your whisper I hear,
crisp and clear, as perfect as a heart ache.
Sad images I keep, nightmares I take.
Still, I go forward onto my own road,
towards the rising sun for my soul’s sake.
How I’ve prayed my heart be free of this load-
of the memory of your lovely voice,
or a tomorrow not meant for this world.
Thus, heart’s happiness is always a choice,
to go on and live as a wise man told.
Forever lingering, scars will not mend,
yet, someday its feel a forgotten fiend.

'Letting go.'
(c)Phoenix Montoya @ January 28, 2011

Starting Fresh

To forgive and forget is probably the best thing to renew a relationship. It’s easy said than done. A good relationship is like a clear glass. It may not break when dropped but it can have noticeable flaws- some signs that great friendship will never be the same again. However, if this glass is recycled, the seen imperfections can disappear. It’s like forgetting an old friend literally. Seeing him and asking his name for the first time again. 

Sounds unreal?
Fortunately, there are individuals who can forget faces and I find that an advantage to begin a connection once more.

My poem Starting Fresh- To forgive and forget, literally.

Tell Him

It is very painful when you share the heart of a sweetheart with another, but then again it is also sad to love someone when you are not allowed anymore.

Individuals who engage in unlawful relationships are foolish. They usually say it’s the real thing thus they make everything worse for everyone. However, there are cases of mistaken commitments- that pledge of love to the wrong person. And it’s so unfortunate that this becomes even more frustrating when he or she finds the right one. There can be complications that would involve innocent hearts.

But, for a person who truly loves, he or she always inclines to do the right thing. 

My poem Tell Him was inspired by two things actually- my unpublished novel ‘Ang Diwata Sa Mariposa Falls’ (The Fairy at Moth Falls) and the duet piece of Celine Dion with Barbara Streisand’s Tell Him.

I Am Yours

Soul mate, love of the lifetime, true love…. I guess everybody; the single ones in particular are always in search for these. Love is always beautiful. It is something we give freely that needs nothing in return. Love is something we want to keep that we strive hard just to have it blooming.
In fairy tales, love stories always end up, ‘And they lived happily ever after’.
But being in love isn’t always being happy. It has its difficulties and problems- that’s real life. The bottom line is, when we love someone, we must take him or her entirely. We must relish the positive points and embrace the ugliness of our true love.
My poem I Am Yours was inspired by every couple in love and my best friend, Geo.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sonnet 002

Can there be anything as beautiful,

as your young face, tender with innocence?

For I have been made to care for your soul,

to nurture and love you with no pretense.

And can there be anything as hopeful,

as your sweet smile, bright as the morning sky?

For I shall conquer, your joy is my goal,

forever my courage, until I die.

There cannot be anything as precious-

no gold, no fame or wisdom of this world.

You are someone unique – the future’s voice,

a new link as everyone becomes old.

Can there be anything greater than life?

If there is more, everything is a lie.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ January 13, 2011

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Under The Same Sun

Hear the sobs of the innocent.

Does your heart bleed too?

You may choose to be ignorant,

yet, it will cut through.

Grievances of a stranger.

Do not let your judgment turn cold-

for he could be your brother,

struggling in a different world.

Hear the screams, the raging gunshots!

Do these madden you?

To see people mindlessly fight,

for things with no hue.

They claim themselves soldiers,

thus they battle for their own truth.

To think they could be brothers,

their decisions measured by oath.

Hear the cry of the new born child.

Does it affect you?

New hope to rise with the still shine,

as the sun takes view.

Soon, an everlasting peace,

we shall walk the Earth together.

Regardless of our races,

under the sun, we are brothers.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ January 13, 2011

Beautiful Girl

My daughter was a cry baby. Two years ago, she was being picked by a boy. I told her to report this bully to her teacher. Unfortunately, my daughter’s teacher had many problems on her own, she couldn’t help my child.

As a parent, I wanted to stop this abuse. I didn’t want to hear my daughter crying or complaining again. Intervening was not my style, so I advised my daughter to fight back. That was probably the darkest instruction from a parent. Most moms didn’t approve with me. But what am I supposed to do? If someone from school could not help my child, who will?

I reminded myself that I cannot protect my kids forever. I told my daughter to give this bully a punch and she did. This boy didn’t bother her again.

I wrote my poem Beautiful Girl for my daughter Alec- my sweet, thoughtful, caring and sometimes rebellious 9 year old girl. Someday I will lose her to someone and the thought can be scary. Fortunately, like her other siblings, I can still enjoy her today. Kids are the greatest!

June Bride

June Bride is one of my naughtiest poems. A wedding is not always romantic and marriage is something to be taken seriously.

It can be broken by man’s rules nowadays, but once two people engage in a holy matrimony, in the eyes of God this pact shall never be broken.

My poem June Bride - hoping to clear your mind.

Maybe Tomorrow Not Today

When I was younger, I used to apply the negative and positive theory of multiplication in my life. As a rule, while a positive and a negative result to a negative, a negative with a negative produce a positive output. So there was me, a negative with a negative, always a negative hoping to achieve the brighter results in life.

It had been effective for me, but most of the time I was unhappy. Back then, it was always the end of the world for me- living in darkness and listening to no one.

And to think it was all about studying?

Thinking about the past, I was indeed serious about everything. I was so funny complaining about the little things while some people elsewhere were having problems on how to stay alive.

My poem, Maybe Tomorrow Not Today was inspired by my grandmother who was the kindest, the most thoughtful and the most persevering person in the whole world - she who would lecture a seven year old kid on going to church while the latter stayed hidden from under a table. And she who had been wise to assure that girl that there is always the right time.