Friday, January 28, 2011

Sonnet 074

A hymn inside my head, your voice so dear,
you haunt me in my sleep and in my wake.
Somewhere deep within, your whisper I hear,
crisp and clear, as perfect as a heart ache.
Sad images I keep, nightmares I take.
Still, I go forward onto my own road,
towards the rising sun for my soul’s sake.
How I’ve prayed my heart be free of this load-
of the memory of your lovely voice,
or a tomorrow not meant for this world.
Thus, heart’s happiness is always a choice,
to go on and live as a wise man told.
Forever lingering, scars will not mend,
yet, someday its feel a forgotten fiend.

'Letting go.'
(c)Phoenix Montoya @ January 28, 2011