Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stolen Beauty

Vibrant look vanishes.
A bright face into gloom.
Pink blush diminishes.
An ashen pallid look.
It took her youth.
Lovely smile, gone astray.
Cruel bed of tranquil,
a sorrowful embrace.
The true beauty remains,
her pure loving soul.

(c) MMV Abad @ January 22, 2009

Faith in Miracles

She sleeps…
Her gentle breathing makes her serene.
She dreams…
Nice memories, loved one, inspirations.
She sighs…
The promise of everlasting peace.
She stirs…
With all my heart, I pray…
There is still hope.

(c) MMV Abad @ January 22, 2009

Sunday, October 23, 2011


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 My gloria,
remember Victoria?

As shadows begin to creep,
she prays for valor,
and hope not to weep ,
for to die, she must savor .

Remember Victoria?
Her love and her vow?
My own gloria,
the girl who was once your beau.

She aches to hear your voice,
Every night, she waits -
your heart, her sole choice.
Hence, to perish is her fate.

Do you remember her name?
Her enthusiasm?
Her spirit, her game?
Victoria, your phantasm.

Your lover, my dearest friend.
Guilt has been attained,
lies have come to end,
yet affection has remained.

Remember Victoria?
her madness, my feat.
All my gloria,
for my birth has been her death.

My gloria,
remember Victoria.

© Phoenix Montoya @ October 11, 2011
' Remembering a friend, remembering our love.'

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Morning Chills

No wicked weather or cold air, not a clue,
for the world baths in rays of warmth.
The heaven, a peaceful hue of white and blue,
as beautiful songs fill the earth.

No ghastly someone to hold, or break us down.
The spirits of men have gone kind,
for only love remains, hauteur has been blown,
enclosed in a brotherhood’s bind.

No ill fortune, black cats or wretched curses,
for wizards and witches have left.
Our destiny lays safe from any forces,
yet, our choices exposed for theft.

Freezing or warm morning has been made perfect,
each dawn, a fresh and flawless start.
Ugly trials of yesterday, morning wreck,
hence, frost is only in the heart.

© Phoenix Montoya @ October 11, 2011
'Imagining the bright side of things.'

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Peaceful Evening

How I long for the night –
be it starlit or starless,
gloomy or bright.  
Night time – Oh, such kindness!

Not that I am obsessed,
or a creature of the night.
But, someone blessed,
to attain it tonight.

Not that I seek escape,
from the certainty in light.
But to stay safe,
as I secure my fight.

Longing to close my eyes,
in the shade of a raven.
Mere man as I,
sleep – sweet piece of heaven.

© Phoenix Montoya @ October 11, 2011
'Night time passion.'

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Scare

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Spirits grow active.
On Halloween night, they roam,
haunting little kids.

Creepy, gruesome tales,
told in camp fires, young and old.
How they gasp in fear.

Gloomy areas,
some nestling spaces for ghouls.
Places to evade.

Fear for the unseen,
unaccountable rubbish.
Fiction amusement.

Fear is for people,
hiding behind evil masks.
Man’s monster within.
(c) MMV Abad @ Oct 28, 2009

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blessed August

Some may fear August,
with the warning of ill luck.
Marriage not to last,
or one to hold in a work.

August, a bad start,
entrepreneur’s fearful month.
Hence to interment -
presence, take care  against death.

August, a ghoul month,
beware as the spirits roam.
Eve of the 14th -
hell opens, alas ghosts loom.

Thus, twice I’ve conquered,
no ghosts neither bad fortune.
Twice, gifts I’ve received –
both blessings with divine tune.

Nasty, spiteful fate -
not in the month of August,
nor in March or May,
but, in our own heart’s disgust.

© Phoenix Montoya @ August 25, 2011
'28 and 29- two birthdays.'

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sonnet 013

I love you, as I adore the heaven.
With its cottony clouds or clearest hue,
It speaks plainly of your sweet innocence
thoughtful and gentle, affection so true.
I love you, as I admire the rainbow,
with its remarkable color of you.
Stubborn red, sad blue or cheery yellow –
each day with you is always fresh and new.
I love you, as breathing is essential,
without you there is nothing to live on.
No joy, but emptiness a potential.
For soul will stray, heart will turn into stone.
My little love, yet my life and my world.
A mortal love, I shall resist to hold.

© Phoenix Montoya @ August 12, 2011
'In time, they are all meant to go.'

I Stand Alone

A smiling face,
your invitation.
I let you have my faith,
my salutation.

Your sweet gesture,
it has lured me so -
heed your every lecture,
denied you as low.

Thus, your secret -
uncovered, exposed.
Sadly I must forget,
lies that I believed.

I stand alone -
today, tomorrow.
As I’m away from home,
such cure for my sorrow.

Never to trust,
for my feelings sake.
No more ill, broken heart,
no more lies to take.

I stand alone -
tomorrow, today.
As I get closer home,
peace of mind, I pray.

Ill fate for us,
Farewell my dear friend
Alas, silence – a curse!
It must come to end.

© Phoenix Montoya @ August 12, 2011
'Flying solo again.'

Make It Happen

Day and night she prayed -
Solemnly, looked up above.
Still, she was ignored.
Maybe she should plead out loud?

She wanted to be an actress,
but, too shy to stand out bold. 
So, she stayed inside her fortress,
hoped for a clap from the world.

She sobbed and she wished,
begged faithfully and louder.
Pleas will be received,
she said her prayers longer.

Hence, poor girl’s prayers have been heard,
for her good daughter, God came.
He hoped for her to have courage,
make her first step for her dream.

© Phoenix Montoya @ June 6, 2011
'God helps those who help themselves.'

Heaven's Promise

Her tears wouldn’t stop.
The decision was in her hands.
She’s helpless… confused,
as she watches a loved one dies.

She loathed the fact.
Yet, she must face it and accept.
A real dead-end.
She only wished, she wasn’t there.

She hated herself,
to think its all for the best.
She loves him so much.
to see him in pain, an ill luck.

She cries, stares outside,
beyond the clearest glass-window.
She looks at the sky,
orange and violet colors.

Such beautiful sight!
Amazing… delightful picture.
More pain-stabs in her heart.
But then, her mind begins to clear.

She silently prays,
lets go of her precious father.
God will be with him.
No more suffering in heaven.

by MMV Abad @ January 8, 2010
'Been crying again.'

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet July

Today I mark this day, 
should I go or should I stay?
Everything has gone wrong,
not his fault or my doing.

Boldness has gone astray,
should I go or should I stay?
To see dearest things fall,
thus, embrace a vacant hall.

Struggling to find my way,
should I go or should I stay?
My dilemma, my pain -
can there be something to gain?

Such scorn of my July,
no way to go but to stay.
I chew on a candy,
as I pray for things my way.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ July 14, 2011
'As we find ways to go through life inconveniences.'

Sonnet 005

 A cold and uncaring heart you possess,
you hide it well with your beautiful smile.
How you break us down with your promises,
to give us hope then stab us with a lie.
A vicious wolf concealed in a lamb’s skin,
hungry for power, you strike as you please.
The aid for allegiance, your greatest sin,
as you torment us with your sweetest kiss.
Alas lost soul! A victim of this world,
your sane intellect poisoned by madness.
Still, there’s a beating in your heart, so cold.
In your soul remains bit of holiness.
For God had made men with a conscience,
such distinction unexplained by science.

©Phoenix Montoya @ May 18, 2011
'Look harder. There is good in every man'.

Sonnet 035

While the earth loses more of its splendor,
I memorize the color of its youth.
Fresh scented greens, as mark of its grandeur,
into compost of unspeakable loot.
Stormy skies in the month of sunny May,
cold winter in an Egyptian palace.
The world has turned upside down as they say –
in a harsh way, into bitter solace.
Sadly, I gazed upon a stranger’s eyes,
As I remember its familiar spark.
Still, a lover’s sacred vow never dies –
ever feeling, not a question to ask.
Changes can be unnerving to embrace,
hence my courage, as within your arms – my place.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 30, 2011
'Seasons change.'

As I

As I weep myself to sleep,
in broad daylight for escape,
A sunny ray seeps in.

Glorious sunshine of hope –
attractive promise, its aim.
Alas, I refuse to cope.
In my dark space, I remain.

As I keep my grim silence,
in my own path of solace,
the world begins to dance.

The ground takes a beat with joy,
while melodies fill the air.
Still more, I resist to toy,
for I hold onto my tears.

As I shy away from you,
in sadness and in my fear,
I stay unheard and blue.

Trapped within my own battle,
the earth continues to shift.
On and on, it won’t falter,
not knowing if I exist.

As I…

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 30, 2011
'With or without us, the world will move on. A reminder for me.'

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Boundaries

Flowers bloom then wither,
autumn gives way to winter.
Sunny day to rainy day,
dawn ending to dusk.

Life span for the living,
a limit for everything.
The sky has its border,
ocean and seas have floors.

Mere human as you are-
delicate and fragile.
Your strength put to test,
patience comes to end.

Yet tomorrow, you try again,
perseverance is the game.
No limits for trying,
your hopes undying.

by MMV Abad
'My favorite of hers.'

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Damhin mo ang aking puso,
nagpupuyos, lumalaban .
Hindi magpapagupo,
maging sa kabuktutan .

Nasa akin ang biyaya,
ang karunungan ng Diyos.
Lahat ay makakaya,
kahit ‘yong pagpupuyos.

Mapangwasak na persona,
opinyong mistulang lasing.
Hindi masasawata,
nawa’y diwa’y magising.

Patuloy na mag-aalab,
ang apoy sa aking puso.
Dila mo’y di tatalab,
budhi mo’y mapapaso.

©Phoenix Montoya @ June 29, 2011
 'My first attempt and probably the last. Here's the translation.'

I Was A Bird

Gentle rays of the morning,
beautiful promise of dawn.
As the land lays unmoving,
I spread my wings against the sun.

The clearest blue horizon,

serene, magnificent heavens.
A gay feeling of freedom,
I soar towards the open seas.
The world has lost its splendor,
barren lands… poisonous waters.
With the rise of new cities,
doom befalls the earthly creatures.

Sadness betrays my proud heart.
My hunger and my great losses,
heavy trials for my strength.
Still, I soar with the highest hopes.

One day, I shall have my home,
to dwell with mg daughters once more.
For now, I have my haven,
in the glorious sky above.

Alas, pain rips trough my chest,
blood gushes from my tiny heart.
Shot by hunters from the earth,
I plunge into the deepest sea.

A victim of man’s madness,
I am the last of my kind.
This is my tale of sadness,
my wasted life as an eagle.

By MMV Abad @ August 21, 2010
'I have sent Oscar free. Remembering this very night and hoping that he lives a longer and more beautiful life. And so, I pray. Thanks for the memory.'


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Feel my spirit,
obsessive and fiery.
It’s unrestrained, 
even with your cruelty.

I have been blessed,
God inhabits within me.
Shan’t be conquered,
your attack will be futile.

my fire will ceaselessly burn.
Tongues won’t be vile,
for I stay deaf with passion.

©Phoenix Montoya @ June 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Immurement is a way of execution where the accused or the victim is imprisoned within a building wall.  Such a horrible fate to die a slow death - alone, hungry and thirsty; not to mention frightened of the dark and of much hungrier rats around your feet,  while you remain helpless... as your sanity slips away and you pray that it all ends sooner.


My poem Immured was inspired once again by my favorite macabre master Edgar Allan Poe in his short story The Cask of Amontillado. Sadly, this was another naughty write as I had envisioned an awful fate of a noble woman.

My poem Immured - A tomb within walls.

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Curiosity Can Hurt

A person who is too nice an observer of the business of the crowd, like one who is too curious in observing the labor of bees, will often be stung for his curiosity.

~Alexander Pope~ 

Ironically Speaking

There are two dilemmas that rattle the human skull: How do you hang on to someone
who won't stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?

~ Danny DeVito ~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sonnet 100

If I would die today or tomorrow,
I pray that my room be filled with sunlight.
For brightness will relieve me of sorrow,
my terror will subside within its warmth.
But if I would die on a rainy day,
with such cold, unending tears from above,
let me hold your hand that I will feel gay,
as I relish the beauty of our love.
Indeed, Earth is a temporary place.
Thus, we are not meant to stay forever.
Cry no more my dear, for I shall have peace,
in a paradise with the Life Giver.
Be whole my love, stay out of misery,
for dying is our common destiny.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 23, 2011

Trial and Error

So you’ve tried and failed?
How you have cried,
and cursed that evil day.
‘Never again,’ you say.

To wreck your splendid brains,
and tire your eager hands.
You hope and you dream,
just to break again.

So you’ve tried and failed?
‘Such waste!’ you wail.
Your never ending pain,
mistakes you are making.

Errors and more errors!
Deafening to the ears!
How much more to bear?
Ugly thoughts to take.

So you’ve tried and failed?
How you’ve turned numb?
To think it’s a failure.
To think it’s a joke.

Every bit of mistakes,
we tend to learn, we gain.
Eyes begin to see
Life’s only a game.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 23, 2011

June Bride

Lovely lady in white,
there she goes.
She walks with a smile,
yet no joy on her face.

She carries red roses.
Some contrast…
to her palest skin.
Such terror for her fate!

The crowd cheers in delight;
Here’s the bride,
garbed in purest white,
happy for a new life!

Alas, she sees the groom!
There she goes,
running for the door,
not ready to move on!

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ June 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beautiful May

In my place, the month of May is known as the 'month of flowers'. When I was a kid, we usually offer flowers to Santa Elena, then we go up to our town's version of kalbaryo to hear the mass in honor of her.

However, my poem Beautiful May does not say much about her. It tells about fruits, beaches and about fiestas - all things dear to my heart. Santa Elena is a great thing though, I just forgot to mention about her, same reason I tend to forget May 3 as another family tradition in recognition of her. Now, that's really bad of me.

Anyway, the month of May also holds birthdays of my beloved - four of them. And of course, a birthday of a best friend.

Now, some questions. Do you have a best friend? If you do, who? Is he or she a sister, a brother, a cousin, a parent or a sweetheart? Another thing, who can be that person with whom  you can rely next to God?

My poem Beautiful May, never shall I forget the 24th of the month.

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 ‘A blade horror.’

This poem is a naughty write. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, for a contest at Hellopoetry, my poem Pendulum is a frightening fate which ended in a merciful way.

Like I said, ‘a naughty write’ because the thought of letting someone suffer or die is an evil act for me, even for the sake of creative writing.

Waiting for your Kiss - Uncut

You said, you come today,
and I have waited.
Looked out for you all day,
by the door, I’ve stood.

Hence, a broken promise.
as the sun sets down,
As sparkling eve appears,
I remain unknown.

No calls, nothing to hear,
Not a mere excuse.
Yet in my heart, no fear,
I wait for your kiss.

Searching for you, my child,
Longing for your love.
As I thirst for your trust,
I seek for your heart.

Tomorrow – a bad day.
With dark, teary skies,
Maybe soon, you will stray,
in my home you’ll stay.

Searching for you my child,
needing your pure trust.
Always giving you love,
waiting for your kiss.

Looking out for my stray.
And if in my place,
Still, you could not stay.
For more, I will wait.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 21, 2011

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Every novelist, even an ex-wannabe novelist like me has a first love. For me it was Derek, a Moerian warrior king, protector of the weak and a charming lover. Unfortunately, he wasn’t for me. Derek was for my heroine creation, princess Alecsandra of Moeris.

My poem Derek, with my own definition of a perfect male, a character developed in my debut adventure-romantic novel ‘Moeris’. There had been others of course, romantic male characters – names like Henry, Vincent, Russell, Leonard, Gabriel, Maximilian etc.

But, first love never dies.

My poem Derek, enjoy.


Even for the tough of the toughest, escape is beneficial. It seems cowardice but for the sake of survival, it is sometimes being wise. What can be more important than keeping one self intact? 

My poem, Breathe as breathing is an essential for the living.