Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poisoned Heart

The link weakens day by day,

as the sting gets worse.

Some sad bitterness to say,

in my heart it will hold.

The sweetness of your voice, lost,

gone with your silence.

My pleading gaze, you abhor,

as my own fate crumbles.

Slowly you kill me inside.

Little by little,

the promise of love dissolves,

as hate consumes it all.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 7/24/10

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Broken Spirit No more

The cold night touches her skin,

as the sea engulfs the sun.

Alone once again,

but no remnants of pain.

The dark reminds her of him.

Now she sees the stars above.

Fading thoughts of him,

her sole freedom from gloom.

He broke her heart yet found strength.

Now she stands proud on her own.

She smiles at the sky,

Longing has come to end.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 7/23/10

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The breezy clear weather of June,

and the scent of grass, a dejavu.

Colorful dragonflies flutter,

as the wind sings its beautiful tune.

My coming back to an old place,

your peaceful world that was once my own

Everything here, a reminisce,

without you, not a home anymore.

I used to hunt for dragonflies,

their magnificence, I want to keep.

You had been angered by it,

worried about my little mischief.

Yet you never said, I love you,

my foolishness, your disappointment.

I loathed you, but couldn’t hold.

You are always a father to me.

The gentle wind blows once again,

scattering dragonflies by the field.

Teary- eyed, I searched the heaven,

your new tranquil place with God.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 7/23/10

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow Not today

As a child you desired a toy.

But mom said no,

too expensive, we can’t afford.

How you have prayed,

Maybe tomorrow not today,

one day you’ll have your joy.


You gave your soul to a lady.

And she said no,

you’re not her type, find another.

Still you have hoped,

maybe tomorrow not today,

her heart will find your love.


You hold on to that ambition.

and yet a no,

not enough toil, far way to go.

So now you ask,

maybe tomorrow not today,

will you claim what is yours?


Look up at the heavens above,

pure and sincere.

God’s love – kind, understanding, just.

Take heart my friend,

Maybe tomorrow not today,

soon you will have your way.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 7/22/10

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conquering Fear

Your heart has turned into steel.
No injuries to endure,
nothing to hurt you.
What is there to lose?

You have wept a thousand times.
With your promise to decline,
still it clings to you.
What is there to sob?

You have given all your best.
Turned your evenings into days,
and yet a failure.
What is there to fear?

People fear of rejection,
heart breaks unacceptable.
You have faced them all.
What is there to lose?

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya (7/04/10)

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Start Now

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

~Maria Robinson ~

Friday, July 2, 2010

Light Bearer

She is no goddess,

not even a beauty.

Just a plain old lady,

yet see her face.

How her sweet smile,

enlightens someone’s heart.

He is no scholar,

not even a wise one.

An ordinary man,

yet he listens.

How his kind ears,

saves someone from peril.

They are no angels,

not ethereal beings.

See their feet on the ground,

yet, light bearers-

stars of the lost,

sanctuaries of the sad.

Not a mere mortal,

you are something divine.

Let your light touch their souls,

heed their soft cries,

open your heart.

You are a light bearer.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 7/2/10

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Best Friends Forever

I can never leave you,

never will forget you.

Let us be friends my dear.

Amuse me with your grace.

I hate to lose your smile,

don’t want to miss your face.

Let’s be friends my sweetie.

Share with me your laughter.

Let me be your brother,

I’ll have you my sister.

Let us be friends my love.

We’ll have fun together.

Never will we be lovers.

I’ll love you just the same.

Let’s be friends forever.

Forever… till the end.

~Maximilian Montes~

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