Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet July

Today I mark this day, 
should I go or should I stay?
Everything has gone wrong,
not his fault or my doing.

Boldness has gone astray,
should I go or should I stay?
To see dearest things fall,
thus, embrace a vacant hall.

Struggling to find my way,
should I go or should I stay?
My dilemma, my pain -
can there be something to gain?

Such scorn of my July,
no way to go but to stay.
I chew on a candy,
as I pray for things my way.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ July 14, 2011
'As we find ways to go through life inconveniences.'

Sonnet 005

 A cold and uncaring heart you possess,
you hide it well with your beautiful smile.
How you break us down with your promises,
to give us hope then stab us with a lie.
A vicious wolf concealed in a lamb’s skin,
hungry for power, you strike as you please.
The aid for allegiance, your greatest sin,
as you torment us with your sweetest kiss.
Alas lost soul! A victim of this world,
your sane intellect poisoned by madness.
Still, there’s a beating in your heart, so cold.
In your soul remains bit of holiness.
For God had made men with a conscience,
such distinction unexplained by science.

©Phoenix Montoya @ May 18, 2011
'Look harder. There is good in every man'.

Sonnet 035

While the earth loses more of its splendor,
I memorize the color of its youth.
Fresh scented greens, as mark of its grandeur,
into compost of unspeakable loot.
Stormy skies in the month of sunny May,
cold winter in an Egyptian palace.
The world has turned upside down as they say –
in a harsh way, into bitter solace.
Sadly, I gazed upon a stranger’s eyes,
As I remember its familiar spark.
Still, a lover’s sacred vow never dies –
ever feeling, not a question to ask.
Changes can be unnerving to embrace,
hence my courage, as within your arms – my place.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 30, 2011
'Seasons change.'

As I

As I weep myself to sleep,
in broad daylight for escape,
A sunny ray seeps in.

Glorious sunshine of hope –
attractive promise, its aim.
Alas, I refuse to cope.
In my dark space, I remain.

As I keep my grim silence,
in my own path of solace,
the world begins to dance.

The ground takes a beat with joy,
while melodies fill the air.
Still more, I resist to toy,
for I hold onto my tears.

As I shy away from you,
in sadness and in my fear,
I stay unheard and blue.

Trapped within my own battle,
the earth continues to shift.
On and on, it won’t falter,
not knowing if I exist.

As I…

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 30, 2011
'With or without us, the world will move on. A reminder for me.'

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Boundaries

Flowers bloom then wither,
autumn gives way to winter.
Sunny day to rainy day,
dawn ending to dusk.

Life span for the living,
a limit for everything.
The sky has its border,
ocean and seas have floors.

Mere human as you are-
delicate and fragile.
Your strength put to test,
patience comes to end.

Yet tomorrow, you try again,
perseverance is the game.
No limits for trying,
your hopes undying.

by MMV Abad
'My favorite of hers.'

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Damhin mo ang aking puso,
nagpupuyos, lumalaban .
Hindi magpapagupo,
maging sa kabuktutan .

Nasa akin ang biyaya,
ang karunungan ng Diyos.
Lahat ay makakaya,
kahit ‘yong pagpupuyos.

Mapangwasak na persona,
opinyong mistulang lasing.
Hindi masasawata,
nawa’y diwa’y magising.

Patuloy na mag-aalab,
ang apoy sa aking puso.
Dila mo’y di tatalab,
budhi mo’y mapapaso.

©Phoenix Montoya @ June 29, 2011
 'My first attempt and probably the last. Here's the translation.'

I Was A Bird

Gentle rays of the morning,
beautiful promise of dawn.
As the land lays unmoving,
I spread my wings against the sun.

The clearest blue horizon,

serene, magnificent heavens.
A gay feeling of freedom,
I soar towards the open seas.
The world has lost its splendor,
barren lands… poisonous waters.
With the rise of new cities,
doom befalls the earthly creatures.

Sadness betrays my proud heart.
My hunger and my great losses,
heavy trials for my strength.
Still, I soar with the highest hopes.

One day, I shall have my home,
to dwell with mg daughters once more.
For now, I have my haven,
in the glorious sky above.

Alas, pain rips trough my chest,
blood gushes from my tiny heart.
Shot by hunters from the earth,
I plunge into the deepest sea.

A victim of man’s madness,
I am the last of my kind.
This is my tale of sadness,
my wasted life as an eagle.

By MMV Abad @ August 21, 2010
'I have sent Oscar free. Remembering this very night and hoping that he lives a longer and more beautiful life. And so, I pray. Thanks for the memory.'


Image source

Feel my spirit,
obsessive and fiery.
It’s unrestrained, 
even with your cruelty.

I have been blessed,
God inhabits within me.
Shan’t be conquered,
your attack will be futile.

my fire will ceaselessly burn.
Tongues won’t be vile,
for I stay deaf with passion.

©Phoenix Montoya @ June 29, 2011