Friday, November 12, 2010


Eleven years ago, he was just a small baby with a pair of eyes similar to a coma (,). He was the cutest, the most beautiful and the most charming boy I have ever seen (probably because he is my son). And all the female would want to hold and play with him.

I do not know if I should be glad but now that he is eleven, he still possess that charm. More to it, he has become wiser and knows how to use his words for his own benefit.

He calls himself locust99 and has a deep interest in becoming a game creator when he grows up.

With the story plot and characters, I know that he can do that pretty well. He is very imaginative and creative. There is one problem, though. He is still battling with his Math subject :P

Dragons, monsters and dinosaurs have always been his favourite.

My poem Dragons was inspired by my son. It is an unfinished tale actually, but a fun one. Enjoy my friends.