Thursday, May 15, 2014

No More Beauty Just The Beast

Darkness within and out,
the cold grips upon my heart.
No more wonderful words,
but fangs sharp as polished swords.

You held me in your arms,
with your promise of duty.
Alas, no love – but charms,
your sweetness, out of folly.

No more beauty just the beast.
See me now without the mask.
For you I have looked my best,
walked out from my nasty task.

Hatred is upon me,
my sole vengeance, you will see.
For I shall have justice,
your sins will receive notice.

You have shattered my soul,
my heart, a vacant hollow.
Thus, vile creature, so foul,
expect me in your shadow.

No more beauty just the beast,
you will never find mercy.
Prayers will do you the least,
your blood has made me thirsty.

The awakening.
© Phoenix Montoya @ May 29, 2012

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