Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trial and Error

So you’ve tried and failed?
How you have cried,
and cursed that evil day.
‘Never again,’ you say.

To wreck your splendid brains,
and tire your eager hands.
You hope and you dream,
just to break again.

So you’ve tried and failed?
‘Such waste!’ you wail.
Your never ending pain,
mistakes you are making.

Errors and more errors!
Deafening to the ears!
How much more to bear?
Ugly thoughts to take.

So you’ve tried and failed?
How you’ve turned numb?
To think it’s a failure.
To think it’s a joke.

Every bit of mistakes,
we tend to learn, we gain.
Eyes begin to see
Life’s only a game.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 23, 2011