Monday, July 16, 2012

To Heed an Angel’s Call

Angels are great inspirations for most writers, particularly for poets. An angel can be interpreted differently. While an angel is usually referred to as a creature from heaven, with a beautiful face and with a pair of cottony, white wings; an angel can also be pertained to a being from hell. In the poem of yours truly, the angel is someone of a pleading type. I believe she is someone with a good heart, yet a really broken one.

‘To Heed an Angel’s Call’ by Phoenix Montoya (that’s me!) is a five stanza poem with four lines. The poem has seven syllables, with the last words rhyming within the two consecutive lines - line one with two and line three with four.

‘To Heed an Angel’s Call’ is a common poem type that makes use of metaphors. The poem tells about the pain of a guardian angel. In the poem, this angel is pleading to her human. She is about to perish as the person with whom she is caring for has chosen the path of darkness.

The poem ‘To Heed an Angel’s Call’ can be categorized as a life and love poem. It shows human nature in his decision to do right or wrong; the misery within his heart; and more importantly, guilt - as all men possess love and kindness within them.

A whisper from within is a calling of the conscience. And as mortals, it is our decision to listen.