Monday, March 25, 2013

Sonnet 010

When all may seem a chasing to the wind,
one should look back to gaze upon his path.
Man’s failure is never a cruel hint,
but, a challenge in life’s everyday math.
We aim to gain yet, often times we lose.
Many times we share with our helping hands.
Hence, we expect more from people we choose,
and respect the endearing knot that bonds.
There are moments of shadow then of light,
our roads ahead can be smooth or nasty.
Chances can be so futile – out of sight.
Alas, we walk onward, never to stay.
For man’s destiny is not of this world.
We go on our ways for His loving hold.

Getting  there…
@ Phoenix Montoya @ September 6, 2012

*Originally August 31, 2012