Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow Not today

As a child you desired a toy.

But mom said no,

too expensive, we can’t afford.

How you have prayed,

Maybe tomorrow not today,

one day you’ll have your joy.


You gave your soul to a lady.

And she said no,

you’re not her type, find another.

Still you have hoped,

maybe tomorrow not today,

her heart will find your love.


You hold on to that ambition.

and yet a no,

not enough toil, far way to go.

So now you ask,

maybe tomorrow not today,

will you claim what is yours?


Look up at the heavens above,

pure and sincere.

God’s love – kind, understanding, just.

Take heart my friend,

Maybe tomorrow not today,

soon you will have your way.

Copyright by Phoenix Montoya 7/22/10

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