Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice Queen

I guess this poem was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen'. I have always wanted to imagine, how is it feel to have a cold heart. No.. not speaking of the Snow Queen actually, but of Kay- the little boy who was rescued by his friend Gerda. At the end of the story Gerda- the heroine of the story cried over Kay. These tears of hers melted his heart of ice.

My poem the 'Ice Queen' is describing about an ill fate of a girl. I had compared her to the 'Snow Queen', yet as her, being a human. Like any other arrogant lover, after being neglected, she swore never to love again.

I often meet women with sad stories. Always being left behind with a child. She loves another guy then after having a child with him, he would eventually go on his way. She ends up with another one... on and on. It's really heartbreaking and I would wonder back then, 'If you are not so lucky to have a successful relation? Why even bother to go on meeting lovers?'

Putting myself on their shoes, I think, I will find enough love with my kids. But, they say its a different thing. So, here is my judgment.

Ironically, to endure the devastation, 'love' is still the answer. It's like to survive the poisonous bite of a Cobra, you need an anti-venom and an anti-venom is also extracted from a poisonous snake. Like treating a poison with a poison. Same as when infected by a microorganism. You need an antibiotic. And an antibiotic also comes out from the strains of a microorganism.

Life is so ironic... All the time. I hope you enjoy my poem- the Ice Queen.

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