Friday, August 6, 2010

No Worries

Ice cream every Sunday.... Always love the thought of it. I would bribe my kids just to get them eager to go to church. Warm kisses each night... The memory will always bring me smile, even in my loneliest moments. Quite a dramatic person am I, but who isn't? God has always been good to me. He gave me a wonderful husband who understands me and gives me space just to collect myself. He gave me three beautiful and very sweet children. We may be living an ordinary life yet we get through everyday. What is there to ask?

To tell you the truth I may see my life as perfect, then again there is always fear in my heart. Not for myself though, but for my loved ones. How I wish I can always be there for them. My poems as I try to give inspiration to others are also my way of comfort.

God is always here and He is also in the future. So No Worries my friend!

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  1. Love the picture, and we can't help but worry for the unknown!