Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sonnet 006

What could be the color of love so true?
Can it be red, luscious as girl’s lips?
A sunny flower with a yellow hue?
Or the whitest orchid with a rains kiss?
For God had shown the color of His love,
with the cease of His wrath at men’s evil.
No more of His flood to come from above.
Hence, this pact remains in a rainbows veil.
Still, how does a blind person see true love?
From birth, he has not known any bright shades?
Could he be like me who grasps in the dark?
Who gambles dearly for some heart aces?
For none can describe – no colors or hue,
with this lovely feeling I have for you.

© Phoenix Montoya @ March 16, 2011
'An oath of love'.