Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blessed August

Some may fear August,
with the warning of ill luck.
Marriage not to last,
or one to hold in a work.

August, a bad start,
entrepreneur’s fearful month.
Hence to interment -
presence, take care  against death.

August, a ghoul month,
beware as the spirits roam.
Eve of the 14th -
hell opens, alas ghosts loom.

Thus, twice I’ve conquered,
no ghosts neither bad fortune.
Twice, gifts I’ve received –
both blessings with divine tune.

Nasty, spiteful fate -
not in the month of August,
nor in March or May,
but, in our own heart’s disgust.

© Phoenix Montoya @ August 25, 2011
'28 and 29- two birthdays.'