Sunday, October 23, 2011


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 My gloria,
remember Victoria?

As shadows begin to creep,
she prays for valor,
and hope not to weep ,
for to die, she must savor .

Remember Victoria?
Her love and her vow?
My own gloria,
the girl who was once your beau.

She aches to hear your voice,
Every night, she waits -
your heart, her sole choice.
Hence, to perish is her fate.

Do you remember her name?
Her enthusiasm?
Her spirit, her game?
Victoria, your phantasm.

Your lover, my dearest friend.
Guilt has been attained,
lies have come to end,
yet affection has remained.

Remember Victoria?
her madness, my feat.
All my gloria,
for my birth has been her death.

My gloria,
remember Victoria.

© Phoenix Montoya @ October 11, 2011
' Remembering a friend, remembering our love.'

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