Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rebirth of a Phoenix

Born for the new day... from the ashes it rises...

I was always interested in the mystical bird - the phoenix. It's destiny to die and its capacity to live again. Ofcourse, the bird is only a myth.

Most of my comments regarding my poem Rebirth of a Phoenix focused on my imagination about the bird. However, while writing this one, I was thinking about another one of man's nature- his another option of coping with life struggles.

Not all people are strong in handling problems of their own. We may hear some of them take their own lives or get mad. Awful, decisions. I believe we make our own choices. Its just a matter of thinking about the people we love and those who care for us.

In my poem, the 'phoenix' is a symbol of a new beginning. Its about letting go of the nasty past, forgetting one's mistakes and going forward again - to live again.

My Rebirth of a Phoenix.... Read on my friend.