Saturday, September 25, 2010

Light Bearer

A story sent to me by a college friend via e mail, inspired me to write my poem ‘Light Bearer’.
The story was about a high school student who decided to remove his books from his locker. He was going to quit school permanently. He looked very sad, that a classmate of his went up to him and said ‘hi’.

They became friends since that day.

A year later while celebrating the day of their friendship, the boy admitted to his classmate that he was on a tremendous pressure that day. He thought he, couldn’t handle his life anymore. He was going to kill himself, fortunately his plans changed because ‘someone’ actually talked to him.

Amazing! I was deeply touched by the revelation, imagining WHAT IF?

So, here it is my poem ‘Light Bearer’- a reminder that we can all be saints even in our own smallest ways.