Friday, August 12, 2011

Heaven's Promise

Her tears wouldn’t stop.
The decision was in her hands.
She’s helpless… confused,
as she watches a loved one dies.

She loathed the fact.
Yet, she must face it and accept.
A real dead-end.
She only wished, she wasn’t there.

She hated herself,
to think its all for the best.
She loves him so much.
to see him in pain, an ill luck.

She cries, stares outside,
beyond the clearest glass-window.
She looks at the sky,
orange and violet colors.

Such beautiful sight!
Amazing… delightful picture.
More pain-stabs in her heart.
But then, her mind begins to clear.

She silently prays,
lets go of her precious father.
God will be with him.
No more suffering in heaven.

by MMV Abad @ January 8, 2010
'Been crying again.'