Thursday, March 22, 2012

If Tommorow Never Comes

An ending for every beginning,
all things are not meant forever.
Twinkling stars will not go on sparkling,
as time will soon cease to linger.

More, few and less but never empty,
life with you is yellow and blue.
I thank God for such sincerity,
of great kindness, I found in you.

I have traveled alone in darkness,
survived out of hope and courage.
Thus, you emerged from your own abyss,
and began to create our page.

My love, you told me I am your world,
your light as you are to my eyes.
How I felt your words within your hold,
as we thrive on our mortal place.

If the future will resist to come,
or if tomorrow doesn’t show.
There can’t be anything to fear from,
for  strength within our love will flow.

Phoenix Montoya @ February 9, 2012

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