Saturday, March 10, 2012


You are my knight.
I have sworn to be with you.
My life, my light –
but, does love dwells within you?

You have my heart –
the whole part, every pieces.
Alas, an art!
You see me not for kisses.

Not a dear prize,
You can aspire or treasure.
But, for your lies –
some convenience you adore.

You let me stand.
Before your foes, I lash out.
Stains in my hand,
as you keep your quiet mouth.

Now, I’m tattered.
My soul – ugly and filthy.
I am hated,
for the facts that I’m guity.
Aching to have,
your affection for my heart.
Love, do you love?
A shield? A knife? I am not.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ January 15, 2011

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