Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beautiful Girl

My daughter was a cry baby. Two years ago, she was being picked by a boy. I told her to report this bully to her teacher. Unfortunately, my daughter’s teacher had many problems on her own, she couldn’t help my child.

As a parent, I wanted to stop this abuse. I didn’t want to hear my daughter crying or complaining again. Intervening was not my style, so I advised my daughter to fight back. That was probably the darkest instruction from a parent. Most moms didn’t approve with me. But what am I supposed to do? If someone from school could not help my child, who will?

I reminded myself that I cannot protect my kids forever. I told my daughter to give this bully a punch and she did. This boy didn’t bother her again.

I wrote my poem Beautiful Girl for my daughter Alec- my sweet, thoughtful, caring and sometimes rebellious 9 year old girl. Someday I will lose her to someone and the thought can be scary. Fortunately, like her other siblings, I can still enjoy her today. Kids are the greatest!