Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maybe Tomorrow Not Today

When I was younger, I used to apply the negative and positive theory of multiplication in my life. As a rule, while a positive and a negative result to a negative, a negative with a negative produce a positive output. So there was me, a negative with a negative, always a negative hoping to achieve the brighter results in life.

It had been effective for me, but most of the time I was unhappy. Back then, it was always the end of the world for me- living in darkness and listening to no one.

And to think it was all about studying?

Thinking about the past, I was indeed serious about everything. I was so funny complaining about the little things while some people elsewhere were having problems on how to stay alive.

My poem, Maybe Tomorrow Not Today was inspired by my grandmother who was the kindest, the most thoughtful and the most persevering person in the whole world - she who would lecture a seven year old kid on going to church while the latter stayed hidden from under a table. And she who had been wise to assure that girl that there is always the right time.