Friday, January 28, 2011

Tell Him

It is very painful when you share the heart of a sweetheart with another, but then again it is also sad to love someone when you are not allowed anymore.

Individuals who engage in unlawful relationships are foolish. They usually say it’s the real thing thus they make everything worse for everyone. However, there are cases of mistaken commitments- that pledge of love to the wrong person. And it’s so unfortunate that this becomes even more frustrating when he or she finds the right one. There can be complications that would involve innocent hearts.

But, for a person who truly loves, he or she always inclines to do the right thing. 

My poem Tell Him was inspired by two things actually- my unpublished novel ‘Ang Diwata Sa Mariposa Falls’ (The Fairy at Moth Falls) and the duet piece of Celine Dion with Barbara Streisand’s Tell Him.