Sunday, January 16, 2011

Under The Same Sun

Hear the sobs of the innocent.

Does your heart bleed too?

You may choose to be ignorant,

yet, it will cut through.

Grievances of a stranger.

Do not let your judgment turn cold-

for he could be your brother,

struggling in a different world.

Hear the screams, the raging gunshots!

Do these madden you?

To see people mindlessly fight,

for things with no hue.

They claim themselves soldiers,

thus they battle for their own truth.

To think they could be brothers,

their decisions measured by oath.

Hear the cry of the new born child.

Does it affect you?

New hope to rise with the still shine,

as the sun takes view.

Soon, an everlasting peace,

we shall walk the Earth together.

Regardless of our races,

under the sun, we are brothers.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ January 13, 2011