Saturday, July 16, 2011

As I

As I weep myself to sleep,
in broad daylight for escape,
A sunny ray seeps in.

Glorious sunshine of hope –
attractive promise, its aim.
Alas, I refuse to cope.
In my dark space, I remain.

As I keep my grim silence,
in my own path of solace,
the world begins to dance.

The ground takes a beat with joy,
while melodies fill the air.
Still more, I resist to toy,
for I hold onto my tears.

As I shy away from you,
in sadness and in my fear,
I stay unheard and blue.

Trapped within my own battle,
the earth continues to shift.
On and on, it won’t falter,
not knowing if I exist.

As I…

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ April 30, 2011
'With or without us, the world will move on. A reminder for me.'