Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Was A Bird

Gentle rays of the morning,
beautiful promise of dawn.
As the land lays unmoving,
I spread my wings against the sun.

The clearest blue horizon,

serene, magnificent heavens.
A gay feeling of freedom,
I soar towards the open seas.
The world has lost its splendor,
barren lands… poisonous waters.
With the rise of new cities,
doom befalls the earthly creatures.

Sadness betrays my proud heart.
My hunger and my great losses,
heavy trials for my strength.
Still, I soar with the highest hopes.

One day, I shall have my home,
to dwell with mg daughters once more.
For now, I have my haven,
in the glorious sky above.

Alas, pain rips trough my chest,
blood gushes from my tiny heart.
Shot by hunters from the earth,
I plunge into the deepest sea.

A victim of man’s madness,
I am the last of my kind.
This is my tale of sadness,
my wasted life as an eagle.

By MMV Abad @ August 21, 2010
'I have sent Oscar free. Remembering this very night and hoping that he lives a longer and more beautiful life. And so, I pray. Thanks for the memory.'