Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sonnet 005

 A cold and uncaring heart you possess,
you hide it well with your beautiful smile.
How you break us down with your promises,
to give us hope then stab us with a lie.
A vicious wolf concealed in a lamb’s skin,
hungry for power, you strike as you please.
The aid for allegiance, your greatest sin,
as you torment us with your sweetest kiss.
Alas lost soul! A victim of this world,
your sane intellect poisoned by madness.
Still, there’s a beating in your heart, so cold.
In your soul remains bit of holiness.
For God had made men with a conscience,
such distinction unexplained by science.

©Phoenix Montoya @ May 18, 2011
'Look harder. There is good in every man'.