Friday, October 29, 2010

A Lover’s Tale

The evening sings its lullaby,

as a racing heart beats its tune.

Tranquil flow of the creek nearby,

dancing with an ill-fated curse.

Splendid sky with the ghastly moon.

Her tears, lovely sparkle of stars.

Glorious hope has ended too soon,

Alas, her monster, she faces.

Not a feature of a demon-

no fangs, no claws, no darkened wings.

A mortal man of flesh and blood,

distorted shadow of her lust.

The monster remains a lover,

as he craves for earthly desires.

Pretty girl weeps for her stalker,

no sooner it will be over.

Such anguish to resist his smell.

His breathing chest, her deepest thirst.

Her monster into a human,

he gapes into her crimson eyes.

The evening sky darkens in gloom,

ancient spells take dominion.

As maiden becomes predator,

her lover looks upon his doom.

Not anymore as his passion,

but a baleful form of a beast!

Great terror clears his obsession,

and greedily, she claims his heart.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ October 29, 2010

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