Saturday, October 23, 2010

Risking It All

You smiled as the clouds darken,

not a mere delight, but a dare.

So soon the rain has fallen,

we ran together, no such care.

You said, we risk it all.

Risk the rain,

that’s our game.

If we get caught, that’s a laugh.

You’ve fallen in love back then.

He did not feel, still you gamble.

You said in time he will see.

Your faithful heart, he will find.

You said, you risk it all.

Risk the pain,

That’s your game.

If you get hitched, he’s a tease.

We gambled and took the risks,

made the wrong turns and we prevailed.

Miles apart now, how I’ve missed.

To laugh with you under the rain.

Some people are hard to forget.

This one is for Mai.

Missing her and remembering the good times.

Friends forever!

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ October 23, 2010