Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crossing Bridges

Photo by dionhinchcliffe

She takes life seriously,

with a book under her nose.

The other one is cooler,

as she crams over her notes.

Two different young ladies,

preparing for the world.

Not knowing entirely,

what the future holds.

Suddenly, she snaps,

her optimism, lost.

The cool girl laughs,

‘Cross the bridge when you get there!’

Two young girl friends,

sharing each other’s dreams.

Enjoying life to the fullest,

taking dares in every turn.

Often times, she’s prepared.

Yet life, always not fair…

Her wise friend cheers,

‘Cross the bridge when you get there!’

Life has much sarcasm,

best to breathe it all and laugh.

Worries better left behind.

Let’s cross our own bridges when we get there.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ October 24, 2009

Come what may’. When everything fails, a friend brings the best in everything.

Another poem for my friend Mai Vallido Trasmano. Friends forever.