Saturday, October 2, 2010

Never Lost

My poem ‘Never Lost’ is a reminder for me never to give up with my writings. It is my own version of the saying, ‘Try and try until you die!’

I was once a youngster who considered myself as gifted. I was an airhead, thinking I can be better at anything if I wanted to.

Writing seemed to be another talent to me. I was wrong.

Rejected and criticized so many times, I realized that I was just another wannabe. I remembered quitting the first time writing made me cry. Crumpled all my manuscript pages and threw them away; I promised not to hold another pencil again.

I found it hard though. Each time I read or see a movie, I think of writing. Every time I go to bed or just look outside my window, something inspires me.

I was never good at keeping at promises, so I wrote again, worked really hard on another novel, then another rejection. So I quit again then wrote, then quit again.
Over the years, that’s what I did – quit and write.

Finally I’ve realized that writing will never leave my system. I can always ignore it but I’ll always think about it. I decided to embrace it – to accept my liabilities.

So, here it is – so what if others see us incapable? So what, if another hundred page novel gets wasted? So what, if you’ll have to endure three months of writing a piece then waiting another three months to hear if it gets a yes or a no? I have always asked myself, what is the purpose of writing for me? I had toiled, worked my hardest, wasted my time, slept late, woke up so early and how I’ve prayed so faithfully that someday, I’ll earn what is meant for me.

The answer is still unknown nevertheless for sure; I’ve realized writing completes me. I guess without it, I will be forever bored with my life.
My ‘Never Lost’, just hoping to inspire you.